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Celebrate Canada through Readers' Theatre

Sample Pages:

1867 - Pages 10 - 11 (PDF)
Canada's Constitution Comes Home - Pages 14 - 15 (PDF)
Dayohagwenda and the Corn Spirit - Pages 8 - 9 (PDF)
Joseph Howe: Voice of Freedom - Pages 10 - 11 (PDF)
Louis Riel and the Red River Colony - Pages 12 - 13 (PDF)
Nellie McClung Changes Canada - Pages 8 - 9 (PDF)
The Men in Sheepskin Coats - Pages 4 - 5 (PDF)
Thanadelthur: Peacemaker of the Chipewyan - Pages 10 - 11 (PDF)

Canadian Early Learning Collection


Reading Time Rhymes Resources
Dogs (PDF)
My Body (PDF)
Riding (PDF)
The Big Truck (PDF)
The Tea Party (PDF)
Things I Can Do (PDF)

Math Chants
Bees and Bears
Bowser's Cookies
Five Frogs


Reading Time Rhymes Resources
Fun on the Trampoline (PDF)
Going Places (PDF)
I Like (PDF)
Meeting a Bear (PDF)
My Shadow (PDF)
Up and Down (PDF)


Big and Small
Fruit Salad
I Can
My Body
My School
Sorting Shoes
Things I Like
When I Grow Up
Who Am I ?

Teacher’s Resources
  Claire's Race - Teacher's Guide
Danger - Keep Out! - Teacher's Guide
The Great Raccoon Adventure - Teacher's Guide
Lost in the Blizzard - Teacher's Guide
Making Choices - Teacher's Guide
Math Chants
Sable Island- Teacher's Guide

Revision Plus Teaching Resources
  Getting Started
Lesson 1 - Revising Business Letters
Lesson 2 - Revising Autobiography
Lesson 3 - Revising Fiction

More Introductory Lessons

Big Books Teaching Resources
  Apple Tree (PDF)
Pig Pen (PDF)

Sci-Tech Samplers Sci-Tech Scope and Sequence
  Kindergarten: Centrifugal force/Colours & Design   Kindergarten
  Grade 1: Kinds of energy, tools & simple vehicles   Grade 1
  Grade 2: Movements of objects, wheels, axles & inclined planes   Grade 2
  Grade 3: Water absorption by soil   Grade 3
  Grade 4: Pully systems   Grade 4
  Grade 5: Lung capacity & function   Grade 5
  Grade 6: Electricity & circuits   Grade 6
  Grade 7: Heat capacity in liquids & gases    
  Grade 8: Wheels, motion & velocity    

Sci-Tech Connections Literacy Links
  Literacy Links (PDF)


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