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Canadian Early Learning Collection

Designed to foster the joy of learning and discovery in the first years of school, The Canadian Early Learning Collection contains a wealth of current, age-appropriate resources which integrate subject matter with activities that promote the physical, social and cognitive development of young learners. Ideally suited to support the requirements of a play-based learning environment, each package includes:

Centres for Young Learners: Contains detailed information related to the creation and use of a variety of learning centres. Working both independently and with others at centres, children are provided with a vast range of opportunities for exploration, investigation and discussion.

Big Books: Early years learners are invited to practice their literacy skills as they “read-to-sing” and “sing-to-read”. A sing-along CD is provided along with suggestions for extending the experience to include movement, dance, role-play and oral retelling.

Readers’ Theatre: Build oral language skills and boost self-confidence with 2 engaging, age-appropriate plays based on titles from the popular Porcupine Collection presented in large print poster format. Suggested learning opportunities engage children’s imaginations in a variety of hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

Reading Time Rhymes: Three laminated double-sided posters allow young learners to listen and respond to simple poems, explore sounds, rhythms and language patterns, and develop an awareness of print conventions.

Math Chants: In their play, children use traditional rhymes and enjoy learning new skills through rhyme and rhythm. These 4 math chants (2 laminated double-sided posters per package) help children learn the names and values of numbers, practice their counting skills forwards and backwards, and count in multiples. Online teaching resources provide follow up problem-solving activities.

Early Book Set: Sixteen levelled texts (A-D) feature topics and designs which will stimulate curiosity, discussion and the desire to read independently. Each Canadian Early Learning Collection package contains a number of brand new Little Porcupine titles. These photographic nonfiction titles feature a range of curriculum-based math, science and social studies topics. Online teaching support provides suggestions for integrating talking, reading and writing with inquiry-based learning centre activities.

Classroom Technology: includes a CD-ROM of all shared reading components for use with interactive whiteboards.

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Curriculum Plus Early Learning Collection A and B combo
Curriculum Plus Early Learning Collection A and B combo

ISBN: 978-1-4428-0144-8
Price: $269.95


Curriculum Plus Early Learning Collection Package A
Curriculum Plus Early Learning Collection Package A

ISBN: 978-1-4428-0142-4
Price: $159.95


Curriculum Plus  Early Learning Collection Package B
Curriculum Plus Early Learning Collection Package B

ISBN: 978-1-4428-0143-1
Price: $159.95


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