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Thoughts in My Pocket

Thoughts in My Pocket

Complete Grade 3 Package

NEW FOR 2013

Developing the Reading-Writing Connection, Grade 3
This comprehensive and practical classroom resource for teachers of grade 3 provides effective classroom strategies to develop reading-writing connections, integrating a variety of mentor texts from The Porcupine Collection.

A complete Thoughts in My Pocket package includes:
  • the teacher resource with introductory lessons for:
  • recount writing
  • report writing
  • instructional writing
  • persuasive writing
  • explanatory writing
  • narrative fiction
  • reproducibles
    • graphic organizers
    • sample mentor texts
  • mentor books ( one, two or three per unit)

Thoughts in My Pocket outlines supportive classroom strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners, including beginning writers:
  • shared reading activities
  • using personalized writer’s notebooks
  • creating anchor charts
  • teacher modelling
  • using graphic organizers
  • experiment and practise
  • peer and teacher feedback
  • independent writing
  • opportunities to share completed writing
  • conferencing for assessment and growth
  • practical tips for classroom management

Classroom Technology: includes a CD-ROM of all shared reading components for use with interactive whiteboards.

ISBN: 978-1-4428-0166-0


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Thoughts In My Pocket
Thoughts In My Pocket
Thoughts In My Pocket

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